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About The Author

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This website was designed to help people who have self-esteem issues that they would like to change so they are FREE to be their authentic selves.

Scarlett grew up in Traverse City, Michigan, but has lived in Georgia for over four decades. She enjoys the warmer weather of Georgia and has learned to say, “Y’all, instead of “All of you,” “Hey,” instead of “Hi”, and “Bless his heart”, instead of thinking, ‘He just can’t help himself’.

Scarlett flew for a major airline for twenty-seven years, which gave her the opportunity to become aware of how different we all are and yet, similar in so many ways. It also allowed her to handle many different situations and people, which is an education in itself. She is very grateful to have had the experiences during her flying years.

Scarlett has gone from a shy young girl, who didn’t like anything about herself, to a mature woman who can say, “I love who I am.” This transformation came about through years of reading and listening to
tapes from the professionals and doing the exercises that were suggested from a great many self-help books and tapes. In other words, she really wanted to change.

In her book, “High Self-Esteem” she gives you understanding and the tools to become the person you want to be, so you are FREE, HAPPY, and live a more FULFILLING life. There is no mystery to self-esteem, and it will not take you years to come to love who you are, but you must
really want to change.

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