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This book was written to help people who have self-esteem issues that they would like to change so they are FREE to be their authentic selves.

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Scarlett Campbell

Author of High Self-Esteem

Like a butterfly changing from its cocoon to a beautiful butterfly, you too can transform to the beautiful person you truly are.

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I wrote this book for you, the reader. There is no mystery to self-esteem once you understand, How, The Mind Works, How We Become, The Way We Are, and How We Were Programmed during our younger Years. With this understanding, and if the tools given are used and practiced, High Self-Esteem is yours. I give you this understanding and the tools to help you to be FREE to be who you truly are. High Self-Esteem was written as a discussion group. There is a facilitator, Sabrina, and six different characters who each have self-esteem issues they wish to rid themselves of. So, come walk with my characters and see how they resolve their issues and how they come to love who they are.

If you knew something that would help you or help someone you love, would you want to know what that was?

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